Mankato MN Class of 1968

Our Mankato Minnesota High School Class of 1968 50th Reunion
was Oct 11-13, 2018!

About one-third of our surviving class attended any of 7 events!

Thanks to everyone who made it!

Photos are on our Facebook Group. Please join us there.

There is also a souvenir photo booklet available..

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so we will be able to let you know of upcoming events.

Let's Zoom!

We have been holding Zoom video conferences, since March 2020.

We have very fun kitchen table conversations, about things we're doing.

Invitations are sent by email, and on our Facebook group.

If you need an invitation, send email to:

Did You get A Pink Postcard from US?

We are sending out Scarlet Pink Postcards to Classmates that we haven't been in contact with for a while.

If you got one, THANKS for coming online, and we invite you to have a brief look around. Please join us on our Facebook Group if you can, or your spouse or children can!

Scroll down to the bottom, and fill out the Contact Us form.

This webpage has links to our Obituaries page, and Veterans Service page. On those pages, we invite Classmates to add their Veterans Service info, and to let us know if we have not yet learned of any Classmate passings who might have been your friends or family. We also have a Virtual Cemetery on for our Classmates and Teachers.


Homecoming Newsletter

Class of 1968
50th Reunion Newsletter Online

View the Homecoming Newsletter online, now!

If you did not get your Newsletter in the mail (June 2018), you can open it here, one click away!

If you missed - or miss - our pre-Reunion website, with all of the Reunion details, and my little tour of Prague, you can take a flashback in time!


Join our Facebook Group

We have Classmates on our Facebook Group, and for those who do not do social media, some are represented by their spouses and children! When asking to join our Facebook Group, please remind us if we knew you by another name in school, and/or if you are a spouse or other relative on your behalf.

Enjoy the photos from the 2008 and 2018 Reunions. Relive memories from Otak photos.

Chat with other classmates on Facebook. Stay up to date with classmate passings.


50th Reunion Souvenir Photo Book

A 60 page Souvenir Photo Book of our MHS '68 50th Reunion Homecoming weekend is available,

Thursday-Friday, October 11-12th, 2018! Here are photos from the public events: Thursday night at Hooligans, Friday morning at Mankato (West) High School, and Friday evening at The Circle Inn. We had a great tour of MHS led by a retired teacher about our own age, and then we got to enjoy the excitement of the assembly in the Gym.

Of the 350 surviving members of our class, we had over 100 (plus many spouses) attend these events! All of these events were fun then, and fun now to re-live. Original photos are on our Facebook group page, along with more photos taken by other classmates.

Unlike online photos, this is a book you can hold in your hands! With captions with the classmates' names. Photos in this book by Brad Theissen, Class of '68, High News staff.

The 50th Reunion Souvenir Photo Book is available through a private listing on LuLu Press. To request access to the private listing to order on LuLu Press, email Send email message to


MHS '68 Regional Meetups

Would you like to invite other classmates to a local celebration in your community? Let us know by email, and we'll get the word out.

A fine reason for keeping your email and postal address up to date, is because often classmates want to invite others to their home communities, during annual celebrations.

When we know that classmates live near to local and regional events, we can help the host classmate get invites out there!

That Map is what our MHS '68 mailing list looks like - on a map! There are about 350 entries, in total.

email Send email message to


Do we have up-to-date contact information for you?

If you have contact information for other classmates, you can also enter that to help us reach everyone.
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